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It’s a good suggestion for you to try Eyeglassify if you need to get a fully responsive and customizable Shopify multi-page template for your eyeglass shop. It has been designed with Pagefly – a drag-and-drop page builder for Shopify – to maximize the potential of an eyeglass shop’s customization. Alongside offering different font styles, hero banners, slideshows, color swatches, buttons, and animations, Eyeglassify also provides SEO-friendly features to ensure website visibility, and a responsive layout for optimum user experience across different devices and boosts a shop’s site speed. In addition, the template uses white, light yellow, and pink as its main color palette and has a sophisticated, professional tone of voice. That is to say, all this makes Eyeglassify an ideal choice for a successful and optimized shop.

The Eyeglassify Shopify theme includes the following pages:

  • The homepage introduces to your clients basic and important information about your eyeglass products and your shop.
  • About Us page is the best place for providing with your customers a detailed introduction about your shop and your enthusiastic staff to set your client’s mind at rest.
  • Collection & product pages will definitely showcase all of the eyeglass products your shop is selling.
  • Sample post is the page for offering relevant information and news.
  • The contact page displays full contact information including address, phone number, email and instructions on how to come to your shop directly.

In order to use this Shopify theme, it’s necessary for you to use Shopify combined with Pagefly. Please check Help Center to know how to import and use this template.

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