As you know, Shopify is one of the most popular commerce platforms for businesses and retailers to sell not only digital products but also physical ones. This platform is used for various types of products, especially jewelry and accessory stores, furniture stores, beauty stores, electronic shops, F&B shops, and much more. However, in order to make an impression on prospective clients and increase the conversion rate, you need to get an eye-catching and responsive Shopify template for your website. That’s why we would like to bring you a collection of Shopify website templates that are developed based on popular Shopify Page Builders, including Pagefly, eComposer, GemPages, LayoutHub, Shogun, Tapita, etc.

Thanks to these Shopify Page Builders, website design and customization will become easier and smoother. This will help you – a person who doesn’t have many coding skills can effectively modify the Shopify landing page website or Shopify multipage website to meet your goals in a time-saving and flexible way.

There are 2 Shopify template types that we provide:

  • Landing Page: The Shopify themes are suitable for those who have the intention to build a landing page to sell trend products. The option will need a Pagefly Free plan (just 1 slot) (similar to other Page Builders) + Shopify $1/month (for trial) and $20/month after that.
  • Multiple Pages: If you are a shop owner and need to build a full eCommerce website with multi-page designs, the option is well-matched for you. In order to use the Shopify themes with multiple pages, you need Pagefly $24/month (pay as you go) (similar to other Page Builders) + Shopify $1/month (trial) and $20/month after that. Alternatively, you can choose $49/each theme with onetime payment.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to explore our collection, and then get the best Shopify themes you want and boost your business up now!