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7 Best Shopify B2B Apps Review

Are you looking for a good Shopify B2B App for your store? In the market, there are a wide range of app available, so you need to take a lot of time to find the best one for your website. To help you save much time and effort. In this blog, we will provide you with the top 7 best B2B Shopify Apps that will help you manage your online store efficiently. Let’s check them out.

How is Shopify B2B App necessary for your store?

Shopify B2B apps are beneficial in extending the functionality of your online store when targeting business-to-business (B2B) customers. These apps are designed to address the specific needs and requirements of businesses engaged in wholesale or bulk transactions. Here are some notable advantages when using Shopify B2B Apps for your store.

Wholesale Pricing and Discounts: Shopify B2B apps allow you to set up wholesale pricing structures and offer bulk discounts for your business customers. This is essential for attracting and retaining wholesale buyers who often purchase in larger quantities.

Customer Segmentation: They let you segment your customer base, distinguishing between retail and wholesale customers. If you want to provide personalized experiences and tailor pricing and promotions based on customer types, this feature is really important.

Custom Pricing: With the assistance of the Shopify B2B app, you can implement custom pricing agreements for specific customers or groups of customers. This flexibility is important when negotiating deals with individual business clients.

Bulk Ordering: In general, B2B customers often need the ability to place bulk orders efficiently. Hence, Shopify B2B apps often provide features like quick order forms, CSV file uploads, or other tools that streamline the bulk ordering process.

Analytics and reporting: Shopify B2B apps frequently include extensive analytics and reporting features, allowing businesses to get insights into sales success, customer behavior, and order patterns. This information may be used to make sound business decisions, optimize pricing tactics, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

As you see, the majority of Shopify B2B app is packed with a list of powerful features that help you build a successful B2B website. Therefore, don’t hesitate to check the following excellent app.

List of 7 Best Shopify B2B Apps Review

BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution

B2B/Wholesale Solution is considered one of the best B2B Shopify Apps that empower you to manage and get worthy insights from your wholesale customers easily. Moreover, it gives you the ability to offer custom pricing on chosen products. Additionally, it allows you to hide prices for certain customers.

By using this app, you can boost sales and improve your user experience effectively. The app constantly comes with the newest features and updates to make your online store work smoothly.

Main features:

  • Wholesale pricing: Custom pricing, Amount/quantity breaks, Extra fee
  • Wholesale customers: Wholesaler registration form, Auto tag customers/orders
  • Wholesale features: Order limit, Quantity increment, Manual order, Shipping rate
  • Tax Control: Automate VAT exempt and tax display rules to comply with regulation

Pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Essential: $25/month
  • Advanced: $50/month
  • Platinum: $100/month

SparkLayer B2B & Wholesale

SparkLayer B2B & Wholesale is one of the best B2B Shopify apps integrated seamlessly with your online store, helping you create a powerful B2B ordering experience for your customers. Moreover, it is famous for its lightning-fast installation process, giving you the flexibility to grow your business faster than ever before. What’s more, by using this app, your customers and your internal sales team effortlessly place B2B orders, repeat orders, manage their accounts, and create B2B “shopping lists”, etc.

Main features:

  • International: multi-language, B2B multi-currency, support for Shopify Markets
  • Blended store: compatible with your existing Shopify store, combine B2C & B2B
  • Offer over 100+ B2B features like net payments, quantity rules, price lists, pack sizing, etc.
  • Self-service: place B2B orders, track orders, shopping lists, rapid checkout
  • Sales agent ordering: empower your sales reps to manage B2B customer accounts

Pricing plans:

  • Starter: $49/month
  • Growth: $149/month
  • Pro: $299/month
  • Enterprise: Free to install

BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price

Why don’t you use B2B Lock & Hide Price to hide specific products and prices from certain customers? With the support of this app, you are able to lock individual pages, like commodities, collections, the whole shop, or customize the limited material. Besides that, this app allows you to hide products from limited customers in the online store.

Main features:

  • Lock pages from retail customers & show them to wholesale customers
  • Request customers to enter passcode to access pages or view prices
  • Request customer enter secret URL or subscribe to newsletter to access pages
  • Hide prices from guests
  • Hide products from any pages

Pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Plus: $10/month
  • Platinum: $25/month
  • Premium: $50/month

B2B Wholesale+Forms & Pricing

B2B Wholesale + Forms & Pricing is specially designed to help you improve your B2B sales with fully customizable wholesale volume/tiered discount pricing. It also provides you with powerful analytics that help track your store performance and win more sales. Another advantage is that this app allows you to customize your store as you want. Last but not least, it is extremely easy to install and configure.

Main features:

  • Multiple tiers of volume tiered pricing and B2B wholesale pricing
  • Mark accounts by tag allows you to offer special prices to certain customers
  • Track revenue and AOV with powerful analytics
  • Propose wholesale/tiered pricing & volume/quantity breaks to bulk customers

Pricing plans:

  • Completely free

B2B Request a Quote,Hide Price

As its name suggests, B2B Request a Quote, Hide Price is packed with tons of powerful features to help you hide prices based on collection, vendor, etc and enable quote requests. Besides that, it allows you to adjust your RFQ form by using Form Builder. Notably, it is easy to set up with 2 steps thanks to the intuitive interface. If you are going to implement a quote system for B2B orders, we highly recommend using this app for your store.

Main features:

  • Convert a quote to an order
  • Display RFQ button on any page
  • Customize your RFQ form with Form Builder
  • Hide product prices based on tag, vendor, collection, etc

Pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Premium: $8.99/month
  • Pro: $14.99/month
  • Pro+: $24.99/month

Quote Snap ‑ Hide Price ‑ B2B

This is a beneficial Shopify B2B app for your online store because it allows you to add a request a quote button as well as hide the prices of any products. You can also create a wide range of customized notification emails. Of course, this app allows you to customize the request price button & form to match your store. With this Quote Snap -Hide Price – B2B app, you can effectively manage request prices, send prices thanks to many advanced sale tools.

Main features:

  • Allow customer request a quote/call for price by button & form
  • Hide prices and offer quotation/custom price on request
  • Customize request price button & form to match your store
  • Get notified & keep track of every request on your devices
  • Advanced ‘Quote to Order’ process & analytics for B2B

Pricing plans:

  • Basic: Free
  • Starter: $8.99/month
  • Pro: $13.99/month
  • Enterprise: $19.99/month

Request a Quote Hide Price B2B

If you want to hide prices, and create “Add to Cart” button to your B2B store, let’s use this Request a Quote Hide Price B2B app. This allows you to display “Add to Cart” button and “Buy Now” button to your website. You can also showcase “Request a Quote” button on chosen products. Excellent customer support is one of its outstanding strengths.

Main features:

  • Request for quote button on selected products
  • Hide Prices, Add to Cart Button and Buy Now Button
  • Automatically send email to you when new quote is made

Pricing plans:

  • Completely free

The final thoughts

E-commerce sites may benefit greatly from the Shopify B2B app in terms of performance, profitability, and revenue. These applications provide critical features such as hide price, request for quote button, volume discounts, and faster purchasing processes, which improve the B2B purchase experience and attract more clients. Hopefully, you can choose a suitable app from our collection. If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment below.

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