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6 Best Shopify Donation Apps You Should Use

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, businesses are increasingly recognizing the transformative potential of blending commerce with compassion. One notable avenue for manifesting this synergy is through the integration of a Shopify Donation App. These innovative tools not only streamline the process of collecting contributions but also allow merchants to infuse their brands with a sense of purpose.

In this blog, we will provide a variety of Shopify donation apps that can help streamline the process of collecting funds from generous donors. With these apps, you can effectively and efficiently manage your donation efforts, allowing you to focus on making a positive impact in your community or cause. Now, let’s check them out and choose the best one.

Why Should Businesses Add a Donation Option to Their Websites?

The decision to integrate a donation option into your Shopify website transcends the conventional realms of business strategy. Beyond the immediate benefits, such as streamlined processes and enhanced customer engagement, lies a profound opportunity to make a positive difference. Here are key reasons why merchants should consider adding a donation option to their website:

  • Foster Social Responsibility

By incorporating a donation feature, merchants position their brands as socially responsible entities committed to making a meaningful impact. This not only aligns with the evolving expectations of conscious consumers but also helps businesses become active contributors to social causes.

  • Build Trust and Loyalty

Consumers today are discerning and gravitate towards brands that demonstrate a commitment to values beyond profit. Adding a donation option fosters trust and loyalty as customers appreciate businesses that actively contribute to societal well-being. It creates a sense of shared values, strengthening the bond between the brand and its audience.

  • Enhance Brand Identity

In addition, a donation option provides a unique avenue for businesses to define their brand beyond products or services. It allows merchants to showcase their values, missions, and commitment to making a positive impact in the world, distinguishing them in a crowded market.

  • Community Engagement

A donation feature catalyzes community engagement. It invites customers to be part of something larger than a transaction, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility. This engagement extends beyond the transactional relationship, creating a more profound connection with the brand.

  • Differentiation in the Market

In an era where consumers are inundated with choices, businesses that stand out are those that offer more than just products. Adding a donation option provides a unique selling proposition, differentiating your brand and attracting socially conscious consumers who actively seek to support businesses making a positive impact.

6 Best Shopify Donation Apps You Should Use

Donation App by ShoppingGives

The initial Shopify Donation App that we would like to introduce is the Donation App developed by ShoppingGives. This special app is designed to provide the only end-to-end donation management solution for e-commerce and help you streamline the process of giving back. In addition, this app takes the hassle out of compliance and regulatory requirements, which ensures that your donations reach 501(c)3 Nonprofits effortlessly.

By using this app, you can build a genuine connection with your customers via transparent giving practices. Plus, this Shopify fundraising app also allows customers to see their donation destinations and choose their preferred charity, which helps you enhance user experience effectively.

Main features:

  • Create an omnichannel giving experience both online & offline with Shopify POS
  • Manage donation amounts/exclusions by product SKU & variant
  • Send 100% of donations to your supported nonprofits
  • Offer actionable data to better allocate budget and personalize marketing

Pricing plans:

  • Starter: $26/month
  • Plus: $271/month
  • Partner: $846/month
  • Pro: Contact Sales

Easy Donation

Easy Donation is another effective Shopify donation app that allows you to integrate donation widgets seamlessly across pages on your store such as the homepage, product pages, cart, checkout, blog or any page. Additionally, it gives you the flexibility to choose between single or multiple donation widgets to suit your unique business plan. Easy Donation goes beyond conventional boundaries by enabling the creation of standalone donation pages, catering specifically to churches, NGOs, or nonprofits worldwide.

In order to overcome the language barrier, Easy Donation supports multi-language functionality, which helps your website reach out to a diverse range of audiences and businesses. Last but not least, Easy Donation enables you to customize donation receipts to reflect your brand identity and track and manage contributions through detailed reports in the admin dashboard.

Main features:

  • Choose between single and multiple donation widgets
  • Create standalone donation pages for churches, NGOs, or nonprofits worldwide
  • Connect with NGOs and charities worldwide
  • Allow you to customize donation receipts and track contributions via admin reports
  • Support multiple languages

Pricing plans:

  • Basic: $6.99/month
  • Advanced: $9.99/month

DonateMate for Donations

There is no denying that DonateMate for Donations is a perfect Shopify crowdfunding tool that helps you get the most out of your fundraising efforts. First of all, this app lets donors set their preferred contribution amount and seamlessly navigate to the Checkout, which ensures a frictionless and efficient donation process.

By installing this app, businesses easily receive donations online via your normal sales channel. Thanks to that, they can experience the ease of reconciling sales and donations in one consolidated platform, eliminating the need for extra work. Further, you enjoy the flexibility to accept donations both in-person and online via seamless integration with Shopify POS.

Main features:

  • Accept Custom Donation Amounts With No Transaction Limits
  • Allow you to customize the appearance of your donation page
  • Offer post-checkout donation function
  • Have drag-and-Drop Installation On Online Store 2.0 Themes

Pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Seed: $10/month
  • Growth: $30/month
  • Plus: $99/month

Virtue ‑ Charity Donations

With a vast network of over 40,000 UK and international charities already on the platform, Virtue provides a seamless way to support charities combating climate change, offsetting plastic, planting trees, and more. If you want to choose from existing causes or add your own, this useful app completely allows merchants to make a difference by giving a fixed amount or a percentage of product sales to selected causes.

Virtue not only facilitates giving but also enhances the customer experience by seamlessly integrating donation options throughout the shopping journey. Additionally, it allows you to add donations at various positions in your store, including the cart, cart drawer, product pages, checkout or post-purchase. One of the most significant features is that it provides you with a robust analytics dashboard to help you track your impact in real-time.

Main features:

  • Give a fixed amount or a percentage of product sale to your causes
  • Donate from all or specific products and attribute different causes to collections
  • Add customer donations to your cart, cart drawer, product pages, checkout or post purchase
  • Track your impact in the analytics dashboard

Pricing plans:

  • Pay as you give: $0.36/on all orders with giving
  • Impact Plus: $29/month
  • Impact Unlimited: $69/month

Shop for Good Donation App

Similar to other Shopify Donation App, this app aims to help merchants streamline the donation process and make it easy for donors to contribute to charitable causes. With innovative features like ‘donate for discount’ and ’round up for charity,’ merchants can effortlessly support charities both online and in-store without committing a percentage of sales year-round.

Plus, this app allows your customers to donate to charity at the cart or checkout and then they will get a discount or gift for their donation. This Shop for Good Donation App is also famous for its user-friendly interface and smooth integration with Shopify, so it is easy for you to install and customize without effort.

Main features:

  • Customer round up change to donate to charity at cart or checkout
  • Customers donate and receive a discount or a gift as a thank you
  • Brands donate a % of sales on specific products, collections and more
  • Customers donate flat amounts to charity through PDP, checkout, and instore POS

Pricing plans: 

  • Startup Brands: Free to install
  • Emerging Brands: $299/month
  • Scaling Brands: $700/month

Donate Source ‑ Charity Widget

Donate Source – Charity Widget is an amazing Shopify Charity Donation App that received a lot of positive feedback for its robust features. After installing this app, you can effortlessly integrate a donation option directly into your Shopify store that allows customers to contribute funds toward meaningful causes with a few clicks. By adding this feature, you not only simplify the donation process for your customers but also foster a sense of social responsibility, allowing them to be a part of making the world a better place.

One notable advantage is the ability to collect donation amounts directly within your Shopify store, eliminating the need to partner with third-party payment providers. Moreover, it provides real-time analytics which enable you to track the impact of your philanthropic efforts, and offers customization options for receipts

Main features:

  • Add single/multiple donation options and easily edit them in the app’s settings
  • Order tagging option to track various donations for real-time analytics
  • Add multiple language translations based on your store’s language
  • Automatically send customized donation receipts to the customers after donation
  • Customize donation widgets and add a custom price donation option

Pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Basic: $3.99/month
  • Pro: $5.99/month
  • Advanced: $7.99/month


To sum up, installing a Shopify Donation app to your online store not only streamlines the donation collection process but also helps you engine their customer base in philanthropy. We have just offered a list of top-notch donation apps, each app provides unique features to cater to the diverse needs of merchants and customers alike. Hopefully, you can choose a perfect solution for your store and create a seamless and meaningful giving journey.

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