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7+ Best Shopify Cookie Apps

Are you tired of browsing the web and constantly seeing those pesky cookie consent pop-ups? We hear you! But what if we told you that there’s a way to not only make these pop-ups a thing of the past but also enhance your Shopify store’s functionality? That’s right, we’re about to reveal the top best Shopify cookie apps that will revolutionize your online business. From customizable designs to advanced tracking options, these apps are guaranteed to take your Shopify store to the next level. So buckle up, because we’re about to dive into a world of cookies like you’ve never experienced before!

Why do you need Shopify Cookie Apps?

One of the primary reasons why you need a Shopify Cookie App is to comply with privacy regulations. Websites must provide clear and concise information about the cookies they use, the purposes for which they are used, and obtain consent from visitors before placing non-essential cookies on their devices. Shopify Cookie Apps streamline this process, automatically displaying a cookie banner that informs visitors about the cookies and collects their consent.

By utilizing a Shopify Cookie App, you can also enhance the trust and credibility of your store. When visitors see that you prioritize their privacy by being transparent about the use of cookies, they are more likely to trust your brand. Trust is a critical factor in building long-term relationships with customers, and demonstrating your commitment to privacy is a step in the right direction.

Furthermore, Shopify Cookie Apps offer features that allow you to manage and control your cookies effectively. These apps enable you to categorize cookies based on their purpose and provide users with the option to control their preferences.

Another advantage of using a Shopify Cookie App is the ability to generate reports and keep records of visitors’ cookie preferences. This documentation can serve as proof of compliance in case of an audit or legal inquiry. By having proper records, you can demonstrate that you have taken the necessary steps to comply with privacy regulations, further enhancing the professional image of your business.

List of best Shopify Cookie Apps

Nova: EU Cookie Bar GDPR

Shopify Cookie Apps 1

One of the most popular and free Shopify Cookie Apps is Nova: EU Cookie Bar GDPR. With its cutting-edge features and seamless integration, it revolutionizes the way businesses handle cookie consent. This app empowers you to effortlessly create a stunning and fully customizable GDPR-compliant consent bar that displays with utmost elegance. Its bold and stylish design ensures a visually appealing banner or bar that not only captures attention but also drives user engagement. By using this app, businesses can confidently navigate the complex landscape of cookie policies and align with the stringent requirements of the GDPR.

Outstanding features:

  • Display a cookie consent bar or GDPR banner for your store visitors.
  • Show the cookie bar for every country in the world.
  • Showcase a bar to accept cookies & offer your own instructions in your privacy policy.

Pricing Plan:

  • Free

Consentmo GDPR Compliance

Shopify Cookie Apps 2

The second suggested Shopify Cookie App in this list is Consentmo GDPR Compliance. In other words, it allows users to personalize their cookie bar, enabling them to showcase their brand’s unique identity while still ensuring compliance. The inclusion of a cookie scanner ensures that businesses can comprehensively analyze their website’s use of cookies, providing valuable insights and empowering them to make informed decisions. Plus, the app also features intuitive info tables, which allow businesses to transparently present detailed information about the cookies they use, helping to build trust and establish strong customer relationships.

Outstanding features:

  • Select the exact cookie groups you want to accept using.
  • Strict cookie information.
  • Provide more new designs for the cookie bar and preferences popup.
  • Manage customer data.
  • Automatically generated GDPR, APPI, PIPEDA, and US Laws Compliance pages with multiple data subject request options.
  • Cookie scanner.

Pricing Plan:

  • Free plan: Free
  • Standard plan: $8/month
  • Plus now 20% off: $19/month
  • Enterprise 20% off: $27/month

Metizsoft GDPR Cookie Compiler

Shopify Cookie Apps 3

Thirdly, why don’t you have a look at the Metizsoft GDPR Cookie Compiler? This groundbreaking Shopify cookie app guarantees that your online store operates within legal boundaries, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on growing your business. With the ability to effortlessly add, edit, and remove content from the banner, you have full control over ensuring your customers are informed and protected. Moreover, the app offers a plethora of design customization options, enabling you to create a captivating and visually appealing banner that aligns perfectly with your brand’s identity.

Outstanding features:

  • Change the cookie bar or popup alignment to Top, Left, Middle, Right, and Bottom.
  • Fully customizable design to fit your site.
  • Manage customer requests for updating or deleting personal data.
  • Set preferences, cookie labels, and text.
  • Choose the mode of the cookie.

Pricing Plan:

  • Free: Free
  • Premium plan: $2.99/month

Pandectes GDPR Compliance

Shopify Cookie Apps 4

Pandectes GDPR Compliance is the fourth Shopify Cookie App we would like to introduce to you. Its standout feature, the cookie consent banner, arrives in a multitude of layouts and positions, striking the perfect balance between compliance and user experience. This forward-thinking app also boasts an efficient customer data request management system, facilitating seamless interactions between businesses and their clientele, while upholding their right to data control and transparency. Additionally, Pandectes includes a robust scanner for scripts and cookies, providing an all-encompassing approach to assessing and managing data usage throughout a website.

Outstanding features:

  • Multiple banners & styles.
  • Store scanning & cookie policy.
  • Auto-blocker & Google Consent Mode.
  • Customer data requests automation.
  • Consent tracking.

Pricing Plan:

  • Basic: Free
  • Plus: $9/month
  • Premium: $25/month
  • Enterprise: $35/month

Ultimate GDPR EU Cookie Banner

Shopify Cookie Apps 5

Fifthly, don’t forget to take a look at the Ultimate GDPR EU Cookie Banner. That is to say, this Shopify Cookie App  design showcases a level of boldness and sophistication that sets it apart from its competitors. The GDPR cookie banner it presents is unparalleled in its efficacy, ensuring that website visitors are made fully aware of the cookies at play. This banner is not merely a passive element, but rather an active tool in seamlessly integrating the necessary cookie consent into the user experience. The inclusion of a link to the privacy policy page on the GDPR cookie banner further reinforces the app’s commitment to transparency and trust.

Outstanding features:

  • Set up your cookie consent bar with one click.
  • Customize bar design including text, color, font, and layout to match your store and brand.
  • Allow customers to access your privacy policy right away.

Pricing Plan:

  • Free

beeclever GDPR Legal Cookie

Shopify Cookie Apps 6

Another Shopify Cookie App in the collection is Beeclever GDPR Legal Cookie. This unique application is fully compatible with all cookies and tracking scripts of your various apps and integrations, ensuring seamless functionality across your entire website. With the ability to effortlessly bring your store to legal compliance in just a matter of minutes, this app eliminates the need for extensive effort and specialized knowledge. The easy-to-use editor, reminiscent of Shopify’s familiar interface, enables effortless navigation and customization. Additionally, the app simplifies the setup of third-party cookies, streamlining the process and providing users with a hassle-free experience.

Outstanding features:

  • Be compatible with all cookies and tracking scripts of your apps as well as integrations.
  • Fully customizable and 100% compliant.

Pricing Plan:

  • Development stores: Free
  • Shopify basic: $2.99/month
  • Shopify & advanced: $7.99/month
  • Shopify plus: $14.99/month

Avada Cookie Consent

Shopify Cookie Apps 7

The last Shopify Cookie App which is totally free is Avada Cookie Consent. With a selection of over 10 pre-designed themes for the cookie bar, this app provides seamless integration and a visually appealing experience for users. One notable functionality is the dynamic display of the privacy policy link in the cookie bar, tailored to the user’s location. This feature ensures regulatory compliance and builds trust among visitors by assuring them of adherence to privacy standards. Additionally, Avada Cookie Consent’s versatility shines through its customizable cookie bar, allowing businesses to tailor it to their specific branding requirements.

Outstanding features:

  • Customizable cookie bar
  • Preview the cookie bar on desktop/mobile
  • Show privacy policy link
  • Hide the cookie banner automatically

Pricing Plan:

  • Free


To sum up, it is evident that when it comes to Shopify cookie apps, there are numerous options available that can greatly enhance the functionality and efficiency of your online store. These tools not only ensure compliance with cookie laws and regulations but also provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. From advanced analytics and customizable banners to automatic consent management, the top best Shopify cookie apps offer a range of features that can propel your business to new heights. So, if you want to take full control of your website’s cookies and create a seamless browsing experience for your customers, don’t hesitate to explore these exceptional apps.

Last but not least, don’t forget to explore the collection of Shopify templates on Ecomify.

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